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Top Parks and Gardens in Washington, DC

Binta Robinson

A graduate of George Washington University Law School, Binta Robinson serves as an attorney in the Washington, DC, Metro Area. When she’s not busy with her legal work, Binta Robinson is passionate about spending time outdoors. She enjoys cycling and otherwise experiencing the nature Washington, DC, has to offer.

Most people think of Washington, DC, as a large city, but the area has a wide range of parks and other natural areas to enjoy, a few of which are included below:

- Battery Kemble Park: The former encampment for a group of Union soldiers, Battery Kemble Park in the Palisades is full of great running trails and large pine trees. The area is a great spot to run around the trail or just relax on the grassy meadow. Winter also brings plenty of enjoyment to park-goers, who can often enjoy sledding.

- Rock Creek Park: Referred to as the fourth oldest national park, Rock Creek Park is home to over 200 types of animals and huge beech, oak, and walnut trees. Visitors can enjoy everything from picnicking and boating to riding horses and bikes throughout the park. Not to mention, Rock Creek houses a public golf course and the Carter Barron Amphitheater.
- United States National Arboretum: Possibly the most well-known natural space in DC, the US National Arboretum houses flowers, trees, bushes, and everything in between. The 440-acre area features abandoned columns from early buildings in the Capital, along with an open-air tram. Further, the arboretum hosts numerous educational programs and events.

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