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Power and Control Tennis Racquets

Binta Robinson

Binta Robinson, a Washington, DC, attorney, leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She plays a number of sports, including basketball, and she also enjoys cycling. Binta Robinson also likes to work on her squash and tennis games.

There are a number of factors a person must consider when selecting a tennis racquet. While individuals who only play the sport occasionally can likely make due with whatever model is lying around the garage, anyone playing the game on a regular basis, even at the recreational level, should try and find a racquet they feel comfortable with.
A number of considerations must be made in regards to a person’s playing style when choosing a racquet. Though young and inexperienced players may not have a complete picture of their preferred style of play, game types can be broken down into several basic categories in relation to racquets. For example, power racquets, also known as game improvement racquets, feature large heads and lightweight frames. Power racquets are ideal for players with short, slow strokes that lack power. Power racquets are also great for beginners, young players, and anyone who needs more force behind their strokes.
Meanwhile, control racquets, or player’s racquets, are better suited to players who can produce their own power but desire a greater degree of control and accuracy. Player racquets are heavier with a smaller head size. The smaller, heavier frame can lead to more errors, but players accustomed to hitting the ball at the center of the racquet can generate extreme angles.

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