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An Overview of the Washington Bar Association

An attorney based in the Washington, D.C., metro area, Binta Robinson earned her undergraduate degree from Spelman College and her juris doctor degree from George Washington University. In addition to her legal work, Binta Robinson is a member of several professional organizations, including the National Bar Association and the Washington Bar Association (WBA).

Founded in 1925, the Washington Bar Association is committed to improving the education, values, and responsibilities of its members and the legal profession as a whole. One of the country’s oldest African American bar associations, WBA membership represents a wide range of legal students and professionals, from judges and professors to private and government attorneys. All of its members receive the same benefits, with opportunities for professional growth and career enhancement, as well as access to its various events. In addition to observations of Annual Law Day and Constitution Day, the Washington Bar Association also hosts the Founders’ Lecture Series, which features a guest lecturer every October, and grants the Ollie May Cooper Award. One of the first African American women in the private practice of law, Ollie May Cooper served as vice president of the WBA and as the assistant secretary of the National Bar Association. To recognize her work in the field, the award that bears her name goes to support other outstanding African American women in the legal profession.

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